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Around the World: Germany

Around the World: Germany

Oh, how I love Germany. I was so looking forward to this week! My husband and I both have a special place in our hearts for this beautiful country. I wish we could have boarded a plane and taken the kids there to actually experience it first hand, but I think we did a pretty good job bringing a taste of Germany to our little house in Wisconsin.

First, we had a delicious meal of schnitzel, mushroom gravy, purple cabbage and potatoes. YUM. I can’t get enough. We also had some linzer cookies (which are actually austrian, but it was the closest thing I could find).

We got to look at a tiny wooden clock from Germany, smell perfume from Germany and even play with a tiny play mobil man.

Next, we made some mixed media art with tiny mosaic stones, stickers and felt Edelweiss flowers. We encouraged them to make a castle picture, but we never managed to finish a full castle. And that’s ok! We had fun creating.

German Craft.jpg

Of course, we read so many books! There are so many wonderful ones to choose from! Seriously, each one of these books alone could be their own unit study.

German Books.jpg

I think we could have continued to study Germany for several more weeks, but the next destination is awaiting! Til next time!

A Winter Study

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