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A Winter Study

A Winter Study

We are currently in the middle of a winter storm and it is COLD. I’m talking -38 DEGREES cold. It’s too cold to go outside and really too cold to run any errands or venture out of the house. SO, since this is the perfect time to talk about winter, I pulled out our winter books and goodies and we had an impromptu unit study. Want to join us?!


We started with The Snowy Day - a delightful story of a little boy exploring the fun of snow. I love the way this books reads. You really get to experience it along with him!


Next we read The Mitten, a whimsical tale of the forest animals finding a mitten and making it their home. What will happen to the mitten at the end? Does it get returned to it’s owner? It’s so much fun to find out!


While we are definitely not waiting for winter here - it’s in FULL FORCE. We still love reading this story of squirrel as he waits.


Have you ever read a Shine-a-Light book?! They are SO MUCH FUN. You get to use a flashlight to help you find the hidden habitat that is being talked about. My kids love this book! They both had to take a turn.


Last, but certainly not least, I brought out some sensory/fine motor activities: foam and perler beads.


I found this cute little polar bear filled with foam at Target over Christmas, but amazon has something similar here. The perler bead snowflake set (pictured at very top) I found at hobby lobby, but you can just get some white beads and download these free patterns from www.asubtlerevelry.com.

This little winter unit study was easy peasy, and just from things I pulled off our shelf! What is your favorite winter activity or book?

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