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We are right in the middle of pregnancy.  And while I am the one carrying this little girl, let’s be honest – the whole family is actually doing this together.  My little man doesn’t get carried around as much and mom can’t really bend over to help get toys out from under the couch and my big man has to help carry more of the household load because I am either exhausted or sick.   They are both troopers and I am so thankful for them.

FORTUNATELY, this pregnancy I discovered magnesium and the joy that it brings.



It lessened my morning sickness significantly during the first trimester. I started out by placing epsom salts in my bath.  

While the epsom salts were wonderful, I really felt like I was needing more.  I ordered some magnesium spray and began to apply it topically.  Ancient Minerals is the brand that I chose to order.  And with it I felt a little more relief from dreadful morning sickness. 

However, once the second trimester hit, the muscle cramps ALL over my belly started up again. It’s like when summer returns and you see that first mosquito. You remember how much you hate them and know they will be there for the WHOLE SUMMER. And maybe longer if you live in the south. So, muscle cramps = awful.

I did more research about magnesium and I read that during pregnancy, your body has a harder time processing magnesium and so you need to increase your dose. At that point my skin was drying out from the topical spray, so I added in Natural Calm.It is a magnesium supplement that you add to water and drink. It actually tastes really yummy, which helps since it still is hit or miss on what I can eat (ie: keep down). The flavor I have is lemon raspberry. It is slightly sweet and very refreshing. Another plus? After 10 minutes of drinking it, my muscles cramps ease up and then disappear.


This gem is the reason I can sleep at night. That and my giant horseshoe shaped pillow - but that’s another story.

And magnesium is NOT just for pregnant ladies! It is for everyone! Your body needs magnesium for nerve and muscle function, for healthy bones, fighting constipation, muscles pains and cramps, to support your heart, to help your body absorb minerals, and help you sleep. There are about 300 biochemical reactions in your body that need magnesium.

Why are you still listening to me ramble?! Go order your magnesium today! You won’t be sorry.

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